What makes Lone Rock's 4th of July Celebration so special?
This event has been a landmark tradition in the village for over 150 years. It has brought families together for decades to celebrate our nation's birthday the Lone Rock way. 
Who is the event committee?

The 2024 event committee is:
     Don Brander
     Sandy Creasey
     Elizabeth Gieck
     Ryan Larson
     Angela Larson
     John Litviak
     Mary Litviak
     Tammie Reno
How to join
Every February, the Lone Rock residents and businesses are invited to come out to a kickoff meeting to help plan for the year's event. Neighboring communities and businesses are also invited to join in, as well. The committee has regular meetings every 2-3 weeks and usually wraps up about mid-July. They are responsible for financing and executing the entire event from beginning to end. 
The event committee is not-for-profit
Money raised from the 4th of July Celebration is used to fund two things: 1) the event itself, especially the fireworks and 2) special projects and initiatives that benefit the community at large. Some examples of this include the major remodeling for the concession stand a few years ago, and new crock pots to replace old ones in the concession stand. This year, we have committed the funds to placing a beautiful sign outside the Lone Rock Community Building.
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